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Typical First Post

I’ve been sewing off and on since I was about 12. In the last year I’ve become enthralled and the extremely beautiful gift of a Pfaff Smarter 160S for my 25th birthday gave me the idea to start a blog about my adventures in sewing land (wouldn’t that be a great theme park!).

My grandmother started teaching me how to sew when I was just a little girl, but at the time I lacked interest. Sometime between college and grad school I started looking for a creative distraction from studying and job hunting and working part time. While painting Van Gogh by numbers and knitting did not satisfy my creative needs, a chance encounter with a vintage replica pattern did. Slowly but surely I have been sewing more and more and plan to use this blog to document my successes and failures.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and share some of your own experiences.


My 2014 Pfaff Smarter 160S

The machine that started it all. Nana's 1975ish Singer Athena

The machine that started it all. Nana’s 1975ish Singer Athena

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