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Not Quite A Sewing Project

1236476_10201891913039528_479335471_nFor the 2014 Disney Princess Half Marathon, I decided to dress up as Anna from Frozen. I bought a black tank top from Old Navy on Black Friday for $3, some puff paint from Joann’s and iron on bias tap.

I drew the pattern for Annas’ top and cut it out with an x-acto knife and then used the paper as my stencil. I waited until it dried to flip it over and make the pattern on the other side of the shirt so it was symmetrical. Once the paint was in place I grabbed the iron and applied the gold iron on bias tape all the way around the arm and neck hole.

My friend and I got blue sparkly skirts to wear and I found the pink cape at the expo before the race. The cape came off around mile 5 and I tucked it into my skirt but I certainly looked pretty Anna like for a while.

What kind of costumes have you made lately?

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