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Simplicity 1950s Retro Jumper

While reading pattern reviews in August 2011, I came across a blogger (whom I can not find now) who had just finished working on the Simplicity 1950’s Retro Jumper which reminded me of Audrey Hepburn and I had to have it. I found the pattern online, talked my grandmother (nana) into helping me with the bits that I’d never seen before, she agreed and we were off to pick out fabric!

Retro JumperA few weeks before this, her and I made a T-shirt dress with a matching belt from some very old silky floral material (maybe someday I’ll blog about it). I got to cut the pattern, the fabric and make the belt to practice stitching straight but other than that it was strictly watching and listening.

For my retro jumper, I did a lot more. I learned how to do darts, how to attach the bodice to the skirt and lots of stitching.
2014-05-17 14.35.15Nana took control of the facings, hem and zipper while I studiously looked over her shoulder.
While I’m very happy with the construction and fit of this dress, I have never worn it! That is something I need to get better about for sure, I make these lovely things and hardly wear them or don’t wear them. I have made another version of this dress that I have worn but I think the lay of the fabric and color I chose for this one just make me second guess myself when I think about it wearing it for everyday use.
I found a great post about how to make the most of your homemade clothing and it gave me the idea to wear this jumper with a shirt over it so it just looks like a skirt, or with a collared shirt under it like on the pattern envelope. Do you have any ideas how I can dress down this jumper for everyday wear?

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  1. knitandpurl says

    I think a check shirt underneath, or a fab brown belt would make it more casual. You could pull those off easily! You could also think about making it shorter, that might make it feel younger too. Or tie a great scarf in your hair?
    Would love to see what you come up with. Awesome work on sewing with your nan, I wish I’d had that 🙂

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