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My First Elisalex

fB93YbuQOdeyJkHbi7C_tVYI0V_rFVAII8z-aNhv8xsTo date, this dress is the one I am most proud of. It was my first princess seam, my first tulip skirt, my first sleeves, my first box pleats and the first zipper I did that I’m not embarrassed of!

I cut out the pattern for this dress at least 6 months before I started working on it because I just couldn’t find the right fabric. First I ordered one that turned out to be for outdoor use and then everything I liked just didn’t seen right. Until I found the Downton Abbey fabric collection by Andover Fabrics. When I saw the collection I just knew that one of the prints would be perfect for my Elisalex dress. I chose Lady Mary’s Plume and am so glad I did because the pattern on the fabric is lovely and the blue looked nice with my hair if I may say so myself.


I love the fit of the top and the shape of the skirt. I read the By Hand London sew along posts for this dress more times than I can count because I was determined to get this dress right.

I was very careful with my cutting and I pinned at all stages of the process and am so glad I took my time because it truly made for a better finished garment. I will say though, I did not line the bodice and regret this. Instead I traced the bodice pieces and cut them to make facings. At the time, I didn’t have anything to line it with and didn’t have enough of the main fabric to do the whole bodice again, so I did what I had to do to hide those raw edges.


Looking back, I wish I had made a muslin because over all I had a bit of extra room in this beauty. Therefore, I wore it on my 25th birthday when I went out for an extravagant multi-course meal.

Of course this just means I knew better for my second version which I will be sure to blog about soon!

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