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An Elisalex/Flora Love Child – The Floralex

One of my favorite bloggers, Diary Of A Chain Stitcher, created the most lovely dress from the Elisalex top and a circle skirt. Inspired by her and with my new Flora pattern waiting to be cut, I set to work. The ladies at By Hand London call their pattern hacks love childs so I’ve decided to name my love child, The Floralex.

img_8397I used this lovely cotton viole that I had ordered from The Village Haberdashery. I follow them on Instagram and love nearly everything they have but it was this print that finally got me to place my first order. The thought of having to pay for the international shipping had been holding me back but boy am I glad I pulled the trigger.

I also got some green light weight cotton that I used to line the top. This was only my second time lining a bodice, the first time was with a knit which I think made this application seem a lot easier.
photoWhy have I not been lining every top I make instead of using facings? It sits so much nicer and makes the inside look much more beautiful. I had a brilliant idea to challenge myself to create a reversible dress before the end of this year so I’m trying to use linings more and make the inside of my garments look just as nice as the outside but more on this later.

My one bit of failure on this dress was the hem. I used my rolled hem foot for the first photo[1]time, ran out of thread half way through and then ran out of bobbin within 3 inches of the end. I think the combination of testing out a new foot and dealing with thread issues is what made me less than thrilled with my finished hem. I’m still getting the hang of the foot but am so glad to have added it to my collection of tools. I used a regular zipper for this dress because I’m not feeling confident enough to try an invisible just yet, I have the foot and I have 2 projects in my pipeline that I plan to use them for.


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