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The Betty Dress Sewalong – My Muslin

Betty Dress SewalongI’m so excited to be taking apart in my first sewalong! It seemed fitting that the Betty Dress sewalong started the same week of the Mad Men mid season finale, I’m already missing all my favorite characters, especially Bert Cooper.

My measurements were all over the place in comparison to the ones on the pattern envelope so before I cut into my gorgeous fabric, I decided to make up the top in some muslin I picked up last summer at Joann’s on super sale. I think I paid $1.75 a yard which is a total steal!

I’m a sucker for saving time, but not every pattern is right for just cutting the tissue. Here are my rules: 1) If my measurements call for the largest size, cut it right out. 2) If I have another patterns from this company that a standard size fits perfect, cut it right out.

Other than those two scenarios, I spend the time to trace, cut and repeat if necessary! For Betty I traced and cut the standard size 16. My bust measurement was between the 14 and 16 so I started high and worked it out. My muslin had some gape in the neck area but everything else was perfect so I made a few adjustments. I cut about an 1/8 of an inch off the front bodice piece on the fold line and used my french curve ruler to lower the neck line a smidgen (I say a smidgen because I just marked with a pen on the muslin where the gape was the worst and used the ruler to adjust to that point, there was no measuring involved).

After these adjustments the Betty bodice fit perfectly so I made the same adjustments to my cut out pattern pieces and cut my main fabric. My waist was also between sizes, 16 and 18, but the finished size of the 16 is my waist measurement and since I used the 16 bodice I just cut that right out. I had trouble finagling my skirt pieces because I’m using a one way fabric but in the end I cut it out kind of sideways and am happy with it. My Betty dress shall be known henceforth as “The Eiffel Tower Is Falling Betty Dress”.

Here’s a sneak peek. Notice how the way the circle skirt is draped makes some of the towers look like they are right side up? Thats why I think the sideways fabric works!1904041_10202314728649654_2812508013083301948_n


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