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The Betty Dress Sewalong – My Finished Dress

Betty Dress SewalongIf you read my post about my Betty Dress Muslin, you already know how excited I was to be participating in a sewalong and how awesome my fabric is. Now lets talk about the finished garment!

My pattern arrived a few days late so I had to play a little bit of catch up. I measured, cut and sewed the bodice all in 1 day and then I was back on track for the skirt and the rest of the sewalong.

After I made my bodice I realized it was a little too sheer for my taste and instead of wearing a slip I decided to line it. I followed the method I learned from the By Hand London Elisalex sewalong post. This method makes a very clean finished top that is reversible if you follow the directions exactly but I decided that I didn’t want Betty to be reversible so I didn’t follow all the way through. I had some bias binding left over from my Sorbetto top so I decided I would use that for all the raw edges to give them a nice finished look.

photoThis was only my second time using an invisible zip and I had to put it in and take it out 4 times before I was happy with it and as you can see, its not completely invisible. It kept getting stuck even though I was very meticulous about ironing the coils and pinning it perfectly but it just kept getting stuck. I wonder if my thread was too thick because my first one went in perfectly. Maybe it was beginners luck, any thoughts on other causes?

photo (1)

Before I finished the hem

I’m madly in love with my finished Betty, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement!

Next time I would do as Lisa said and choose a fabric without a one way pattern. I’m an unique individual and could care less if someone passes judgement on my odd facing towers but ever since I watched The Great British Sewing Bee I think of what the judges would say about my finished garments, and not pattern matching is a big no no. For my next Betty I will also choose a darker fabric so I can try the all in one facing method that the instructions call for. I’ve read its quite tricky but I really want to give it a try.

Another issue for me is that my back seams do not line up. Luckily they are pretty close and the zipper draws the eye away from it but next time I need to be more careful. I kept putting the pieces on and making alterations as I went without really taking into consideration how it would impact the end results, so yes, I have a dress that sits perfectly on my shoulders (which are apparently uneven) but the back seams look amateur. Am I going to cry about it? No way. Am I going to try and avoid it next time? You betcha!

photoWhile making Betty I discovered my new favorite sewing tool: tailors chalk. I made a rather large order on VogueFabrics.com and decided to see what all the fuss is about and I am so glad I did. I used it when constructing my darts and I’ve never been more pleased. They are all the perfect height and width and the chalk lines helped me make really clean stitches. Who knew a simple block of chalk and a ruler could make such a difference to the finished work!

Since Betty has the fullest circle skirt I’ve ever worked with, I decided to really give her my all. In my Vogue order I also got horsehair braid for the hem. I carefully followed the directions from Gerties book and since Betty is a more casual dress I machine stitched the braid.
photoI’ll be sending

a picture of my finished Betty to Sew Over It as part of the sewalong competition. I hope my bodice lining isn’t a strike against me!


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