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Summer Staple Spree

I’ve noticed that I’m much more excited about sewing during the spring and summer. If I had to guess why, I’d say its because I tend to be drawn to dress patterns which are much more appropriate to wear in the warm months. While I love a good dress and can add tights and a cardigan to make it winter appropriate, I think its time to branch out and make some staple pieces, simple shirts, blouses and maybe even some pants!

This summer I’m going to go on a “Staple Spree”. I have some great ideas and I’ve found some patterns that are versatile and more for everyday wear. I’ll blog about each item and then do a recap post after Labor Day with everything I was able to complete. I’m not setting a number of items because that would be too much pressure and then I’d rush which is never a good idea when working on something new, so I’m just going to say I plan to sew a lot of everyday items!

Here are a few of the patterns I have my eye on for the spree.ScoutWovenTee url COCO – Tilly and the Buttons

Do you have any go to patterns that you think would be good for my SSS? If so leave the link in the comments section!

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