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My Dress Form

Dress forms can be really helpful during the beginning stages of a sewing project but they can also be expensive. I fell in love with the Dritz My Double Delux on a trip to Joanne’s but for nearly $300, I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I didn’t even have my own machine at the time!

I found my dress form by chance. My best friend Kayla and I are very big into Black Friday shopping. We save and plan all year for that night and have a blast! In 2012 Kohls started offering their Black Friday specials online the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so we took advantage. I placed my order, received my email confirmation and another email with my Kohls cash but then I went back to the site just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Thats when I saw it. Under t31QZ3cF0YdL._SY300_he “Customers Who Viewed Items You Browsed Also Viewed” was a Singer Adjustable Dress Form for $168.99!

There was no Black Friday special on the dress form so I waited until my Kohl’s cash was redeemable and I bought it. I also had a 15% coupon that brought the price down to $143.65 and I had $100 in Kohls cash so in the end my dress form cost me a mere $43.65!

While not everyone will have a ton of Kohl’s cash to spend, the original price of this dress form is still one of the best I saw and it works really well. The wheels don’t stick, the entire form is pin-able and it has a four prone base instead of three so I feel like that its more secure too.

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