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Make Do and Mend

In an effort to spend less money on clothes and feel better about the clothes I wear, I’ve done a few things. I’ve stopped buying clothes, I’ve started making more clothes and I’ve been wearing my way through my closet.

I kind of got the idea from Rebecca Brandon (nee Bloomwood), aka the main character from the Shopaholic series. In Mini Shopaholic,  Becky agrees to wear every single item in her wardrobe three times before shopping again. And I’m seeing if I can do it! My goal is to wear everything at least once or put it in a box to be brought to my favorite consignment shop or donated.

Where does make do and mend come in you may ask? I have a bunch of things I don’t wear because of small flaws. Tiny rip on the boob, coffee stain on the pant leg, etc etc! I’m going to challenge myself to make these items wearable again or turn them into something completely new. The coffee stained capri pants might get died a darker color, the ripped shirt might get a patch pocket in a contrasting color or turned into a little dress for my god daughter.

Historically, Make Do and Mend was an informational pamphlet issued by the British Ministry of Information during WW2 to provide British citizens with tips on how to dress during strict rationing. They were given tips for fixing clothing and even how to turn mens clothing into stylish women’s garments. I’ve read that the pamphlet has been reissued with tips for the 21st century and I would love to get my hands on a copy!

Just to have the date recorded. The last time I purchased clothing was May 23rd. I got a light blue cardigan and bright blue bathing suit from J.Crew.  I’m in a wedding soon so I’ll be buying my bridesmaid dress but other than that, lets see how long I can go without buying anything!

I found some really neat vintage ads about the program that I wanted to share with you.

mendfagisewhamad make do and mend

PS: fabric doesn’t count as clothes, I can buy fabric 🙂

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