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The Salme Playsuit That Wasn’t

I would like to start this post by saying that even though this pattern did not work out for me, it isn’t a bad pattern at all. I researched this before I bought it and found some really lovely examples, here, here and here, of bloggers who it worked out great for or looked lovely on.

My main problem was definitely size, the size indicated on the pattern instructions based on my measurements is nowhere near the size I need. I even went a size up to be on the safe side but I can’t close the top and the bottoms are way too tight to wear in public. I should have made a muslin but I was in a rush to make this for myself as I had offered to make one for a girl at work too.

Before I even realized that the playsuit was going to be too small, I ruined the waistband piece and was out of fabric so I had to order more. While I waited for it to arrive was when the rest was put together and I realized this was never going to work out. I honestly think I’d need to loose 20 pounds or more for this to fit.

By the time I got to work on the waistband I ran into my second problem, the directions weren’t making sense to me how to insert it. I emailed Fiona from Diary Of A Chain Stitcher and she very graciously talked me through what she could remember of adding hers. She was a huge help so although my playsuit is unlikely to see the light of day, I’m somewhat happy with it and think if I could get the measurements right it would look really nice on someone built differently than me.

Which brings me to my third problem. I don’t think I am meant to wear a playsuit/romper. When I got the pieces on I just didn’t think I looked quite right. Maybe its because I’m tall, or maybe its because I have a full chest, who knows, but every romper I’ve tried on in a store and this one just didn’t seem right for me. I thought making my own would make it perfect but this just wasn’t my best work.

Before I put the romper into my bag of fabric scraps I took a picture on my dress form, it would have been oh so cute if it had fit dontcha think?

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