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Butterick 1950s Retro Dress

While this pattern has resulted in two dresses and two happy ladies, the instructions were a nightmare. For some reason everything they said made absolutely no sense and with the help of my grandmother we just figured out how to put the pieces together. I made a green version of this dress for myself and a polka dot version for my friend Lori from work.

This is another dress I have never worn. I keep telling myself when I make a matching jacket I’ll wear it and if I look over dressed who cares because it will be a very Jackie-O look.

My attempt at professional type photography!

My attempt at professional type photography!

I learned a valuable lesson when I created this dress for my friend, facings are never meant to be added to individual pieces because then nothing comes together right! I had such a struggle with the facings on my green version that for Lori’s polka dot version I decided to try something new and attach the facing pieces to the bodice pieces before joining them together. Everything was fine until I got to the shoulders. I ended up having to hand sew the shoulder seam and I can’t even describe the method I used because I juCarolanne Donovan (carolanne329) on Twitterst kinda went for it and tried to make the stitches as unnoticeable as possible.

Of course I can’t find the pictures I took of the finished dress but here is the lovely navy polka dot fabric I used.

I think the polka dot version is a little more casual and maybe I’ll make myself a third version with a really fun pattern that won’t make it seem so dressy.

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