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Pretty As A Portrait Blouse

Lets take a moment to admire this fabric. I saw it on the Grey’s Fabric blog and wanted to make a dress with it, but when I got around to buying it, only 1.5 yards remained. I made the most of the situation and broke into Gerties New Book For Better Sewing and created The Portrait Blouse.

DSCN0108I love this shirt! I had a minor fit issue but I think that since I love the fabric so much it just doesn’t really matter, I get a lot of wear out of this even with the issue!

Unfortunately, my fit issue wasn’t something that could be solved after the fact, the shirt is just too short for my torso and if I stretch out when wearing it you see my belly button. Oh well, I just wear it with high waisted jeans and a cute grey sweater when its chilly.

I will definitely be making another (longer) portrait blouse in the future. I’ve already altered the pattern to add two inches to it. I came to this magic number by wearing my blouse, raising my arms and having my mom measure how much space there was between the shirt and the top of my jeans. It was almost 1.5 inches so I added 2 to be on the safe side.

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