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A New York State Of Fabric

The NYC garment district, where the fabrics are fabulous and the prices rock! My sisters had never been to NYC before so as a kind of birthday present I took them on a surprise 3 day trip to NYC this past weekend. Their birthdays are in May and August so I thought July was a nice middle man.

We ate A LOT, took a movie tour of central park, had brunch at a fabulous diner and of course, visited the garment district. This was only my second time visiting New York City and my first time visiting the Garment District. I had read so many things about this magical place that I knew on this trip I had to visit and do a little fabric shopping. Lucky for me, my sisters are good sports.

10461390_10202587547469954_2023386498477608016_nI went in with a plan. Between my beloved Grey’s Fabric and online retailers, I’m never really going without a specific fabric but between you and I, there is just something about running your hands over the bolts, stopping and saying “this is the one”. I wanted to buy special items that aren’t so accessible IRL. I wanted to find the following:

  • Exterior fabric for my Pavot Jacket.
  • Bathing suit and bathing suit lining for my bombshell.
  • Khaki for a pair of ultimate trousers.
  • And a stretch goal of a fabulous lining for aforementioned Pavot jacket.

Between the 59 retailers that are open to the public, I had a good feeling. I consulted with the Garment District website  to determine which stores I could shop at and which had minimum shopping requirements. Basically I didn’t go in a store unless the listing explicitly 10425071_10202587547229948_8373961354841558933_n said “no minimum”. I recommend anyone planning a fabric shopping trip do the same because some stores I had heard great things about had purchase minimums that I wouldn’t have been able to meet.

What did I come home with you may ask?

Having done my research, I snagged a Groupon for Parons fabric so that was my first stop. It was odd because Joanne fabrics back home is bigger than this shop but I was a tad overwhelmed by the variety. Everything was organized by fabric type in different sections of the store and within each section it was organized by color. I was considering making my pavot jacket out of a water resistant canvas but found a really lovely drapey light wool that I decided to go with. My sister made a valid point after I had already made the purchase that it might end up looking like a suit jacket but we shall see. I also got a beautiful striped silk because I plan to line the jacket and what’s better than a nice slippery liner? The wool was at the end of the bolt so I wanted 3.5 yards but got a little over 4 for the same price. All full price fabrics were 50% off so my silk was a steal too! After my Groupon I only spent $39.

10526011_10202587547749961_4562372204978902201_nIf I was overwhelmed in Parons, I was within an inch of an anxiety attack at Mood. They are organized really well but there were 3 floors FULL of product. I decided to go straight for the swim wear section to focus on one item on my list, the Bombshell, but alas I left without the goods. I wanted polka dots or a funky print but everything I liked at Mood was solid. I left with new needles, 7 zippers and the goods to make covered buttons all for about $10!

I didn’t get my swim suit material or khaki for my trousers but I do have enough wool from my jacket to make a pair so all and all I’m very happy with what I got and will have to start making a yearly trip into the big city!


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