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The Delphine Skirt

camelot_cottons_house_designer_iconic_nouveau_knit_in_navyWhen I ordered this fabric I intended for it to be a Coco top. Alas, I wasn’t careful and just because “knit” was in the name did not mean it had any stretch. Oh well right, its a fun print so into the stash it went!

A few weeks later my copy of Love At First Stitch arrived and I had a brilliant idea. Use this for a Delphine Skirt and make a coral Coco to go with it (more on that later)!

Instead of making a muslin I decided to make the waistband of the skirt first, its the most fitted part of the skirt so if I could get that right the rest would be a piece of cake. I had a lot of this fabric so I went right ahead and made the waistband from it, worst case scenario I loose a little fabric, best case scenario my “muslin” waistband can be used on the actual skirt.

In the end it took a few tries to get it right so I’m glad I took the time. My waist is 32 inches so I used the size 5 just like the chart says, but it was way too small. I measured myself that day and I’ve been seeing a trainer at the gym who had measured me 5 days prior so I felt really confident in my measurements, but in the end I had to make the size 7. In my opinion, if spending a little extra time to get your sizing right is your only issue with a pattern than its a winner! For me, its not about size, its about finished fit. In some of my favorite patterns I’m a size 22 or something crazy like that so to hell with size charts, just make it fit!

delphineIn really love the fit and flare of this skirt so I plan to make more in other fun prints. I really like pairing a wild patterned bottom with a more conservative top

On a side note, I made homemade granola while I worked on this skirt, can you guess which took longer to finish? The granola! Fast and flattering? Maybe I should make 10 more!

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