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A Long Weekend Outfit

Over the 4th of July weekend here in the states I felt compelled to create a new outfit. I think it was because I had spent the last 3 weekends over night baby and/or dog sitting and my machine hadn’t been used much. The results are pretty good if I do say so myself.

Having recently finished my Betty dress I decided to use the skirt pieces to make a big ol’ circle skirt. There is something about a knee length full skirt that I just love, especially in the summer. Is that weird? Don’t you think I would prefer short skirts in summer? Anyway, it was really easy. I made a waistband but then used it as a facing instead. Threw a nearly invisible zipper in with a hook and eye and it looks great!

Did I stop there? No way! I needed a matching shirt. Enter, Portrait Blouse 2.0. My recently elongated portrait blouse pieces were sitting on my desk taunting me with their potential so I did what any sensible person would do. I ignored all the new shirt patterns I’ve been wanting to try and made a new turquoise portrait blouse. The color of the fabric I used for the shirt is featured in the pattern of the skirt so I thought they would be perfect together. What are your thoughts? Would a darker green have matched better?


Totally cheesy cheese face.

My coworker Jenni and I were given tickets to a beach party benefit that we went to after work a few days after the long weekend and I think my outfit was perfect for the occasion. Turquoise is a color I wear a lot in the warmer months because I just love how beachy it makes me feel and what better day to feel beachy than at a beach party?

I actually love this pattern combination so much that I’m thinking about a purple version too. The blouse is flattering and now it fits great and the skirt sits high enough that it keeps my love handle area out of sight, this outfit is a win-win if you ask me!


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