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The Meringue Skirt Four Ways

To date I have completed 25 sewing projects. Four of them were the Meringue skirt from the Colette Sewing Handbook! I have made two for myself, 1 for my sister and 1 for a friend, no 2 constructions were alike. I came up with little names for all of them based on the prints, lets dig in shall we?

#1: The Backgammon Meringue: My first one! I used some material that was originally intended to be a totebag. A funky skirt seemed like a much better option when it was time to cut. This fabric was pretty heavy and the bottom facing kept falling down. As tcdonovan329 on Instagramo not use my entire stash of hemming tape in 1 or 2 wears, I found a great workaround. I used dark blue thread and made a straight stitch on every blue triangle. You can’t even see it and no falling facing!

#2: The Moby Dick Meringue: The material for this had a little more give to it than I originally realized so I decided to make 1 size smaller than my last and skipped the zipper. The scallops on this version are the ones I’m least proud of, I think the bit of stretch in the material just didn’t work well because I didn’t do anything differently. Also you’ll notice this one is lacking a picture, it looks quite awful on me and might be remade into a tank top.

2014-04-12 17.44.28#3: The “You Should Be At A Cape Cod Resort” Meringue: This was the first item that I made for a friend where we went back and forth to get the fit just right. I’m so happy with the complete construction of this skirt and my friend looks stunning in it! The fabric she chose reminds me of something you’d wear on vacation or that you’d find at Vineyard Vines so I have dubbed it the “You Should Be At A Cape Cod Resort” Meringue! The scallops stayed in place very well and the zipper was inserted with my Pfaff. It was the first item I made with my new machine and getting to know the zipper presser foot was a fun challenge. 2014-04-12 17.45.05The fabric was also light so I finagled a liner. I thought a scalloped liner might not hold the shape well so this liner goes as far as the scallops and they still have the facings that the pattern calls for. I did try out a scallop like stitch on my new machine on the bottom of it though, why not right?

#4: The “She’s A Dark Sea Horse” Meringue: The fabric is dark and so was the sky the day I made this skirt! I stayed in all morning sewing and ended up making three skirts that day. I used the dark blue sea horse material to make a Meringue for my sister Emily and a “no pattern necessary” elastic waist skirt for me.2014-05-11 11.01.03


I’ve been considering another Meringue with bias tape instead of the facing at the bottom, any thoughts?


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