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NYC Inspired Projects

Last month I had the pleasure of taking a trip with my sisters to NYC. In addition to my great fabric finds I also found inspiration for a few future projects. Take a look at this cape and dress.

IMG_9036 photo

I found the cape at Bloomingdales for a mere $1,575 and the dress at Saks for a steal at $1,050. I’m clearly kidding. Those prices are insane!

The cape is cashmere and made well in my opinion but the dress, made by the same iconic London brand who shall remain nameless, was quite poorly made. The invisible zipper looked like I put it in, aka it wasn’t quite invisible. The box pleat in the front, that to me is the focal point of the dress, has visible stitching helping to  hold its shape. I can do better surely!


Plus, it looks dreadful on me, which is weird because this style is so timeless. Just to give you some perspective, in off the rack clothes I can vary between a 10 and a 14, depending on the store and style. The dress I tried on in Saks in this picture is a 12 and its way too big in the bust, just right in the waist and too big in the hips, this “winning” combination should not cost $1,050 when I can tailor make it to fit me perfectly for the price of 3 yards of fabric.

I’ll be strategizing and acquiring fabric to recreate these two pieces hopefully before the end of the year. My initial thoughts are to alter the Mortmain pattern for the dress and use a circle skirt pattern for the cape, do you have any recommendations or tips?

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