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Sewing Up My Big Girl Pants

Pants… How afraid to make them I have been! My first attempt at shorts in the form of a romper came out pretty awful and can shorts really be that different than pants?

Turns out, yes! Because my first attempt at pants turned out well but took some finagling and in the end, they are too tight. I needed my moms help to zip them so they do zip but who wants to ask her mommy for help putting her pants on? I would go so far as to call them a very wearable muslin!

My first pair of pants is the Ultimate Trousers pattern by Sew Over It. I love the pattern, its so classic and even with the tightness in the waist for me, they are very flattering in other areas. I’m fairly tall so I added 2.5 inches to the length anticipating they would be a little short and I’m glad I did, they are the perfect length.

The front has the idealĀ amount of ease to sit while still looking nice2 standing and that is something I’m really happy to have found. I’ve read pattern reviews and other blogs where pants patterns do one or the other. You’re either able to sit or look cute standing, never both.

I was between sizes so I made my first attempt at grading and I think that may have been my problem. My waist was the size 18 but my hips the 14 so I tried grading up from the hips and think I might have not quite hit the mark, looking back, why didn’t I do it the other way around and just grade down? Que, sera sera.

To try and offset the tightness I used the facing pieces and turned them into 1a waistband so they would be a little higher waisted because my high waist is smaller than my lower (like most people).

I’m going to make another pair and cut the straight size 18 and just increasing the seam allowance as I get down to the hips.I have a very small bum and I love the way it looks in these trousers so I have really high hopes for my next pair!

One other change I am going to make is to pink my seams instead of zigzagging the edges. I feel like the crotch seam is too bulky and think a pinked seam will lay flatter.

By the way, these pictures are deceiving, the fabric is not grey. Its actually a light denim! Maybe I’ll try grey for the next pair.

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