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Dandelion Wishes Dress

I love when a pattern makes up really nice and then I can reuse it. For my second 1950’s jumper, I used light grey fabric with white dandelions on it. I made the blue one 6 months prior and just used the same pattern pieces. I’m not sure if its the drape of the material or if I lost weight but the dandelion dress is quite large on me. The material is also kind of rough so for those two reasons, I’ve only worn this dress twice.

6Its ironic because my first jumper fits really well but I’ve never worn it and this one is too big but I have worn it. It just goes to show that sometimes the best of fabric intentions can lead to an unworn garment!

I thought that this fabric print would be really cute to make matches dresses for my god daughter and I with but due to the one directional print I didn’t have enough left to make anything for her. If I could go back I would cut out hers first and then compensate by making the skirt on mine less full, you live and you learn right?

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