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Deciding On My OWOP Pattern

3eed9006-c30a-4f35-97dd-4903d3ec5fb4_zpsf92ca6b7I put a lot of effort into which pattern I would use for the One Week One Pattern challenge so I thought I’d share my thought process with you all.

The obvious choice would have been to use the By Hand London Elisalex dress. It was my first thought because I have 4 variations of it and have been considering a 5th with a circle skirt and a 6th using just the bodice to make a reversible top.

I had fabric in my stash with plans to make three Anna dresses before I had even made one, I just had a feeling it was going to be good (and it was!). So maybe Anna would be a good choice for OWOP.

I have my Eiffel tower Betty and used the skirt pieces to make a skirt so that was another option.

With three British ladies to choose from, I decided I needed to start thinking logically. What would the best option be based on what I knew I had going on in September as of early August when I needed to decide?

Well, as it turns out, I have a few important things going on next week that are unusual for me.

I’m in grad school and have one of my last classes on Monday and I’m scheduled for jury duty on Wednesday.

When I go to school its right after a full day of work for a 4 hour class so I tend to dress comfy. The last time I had jury duty I ended up sitting in an awful chair for 5 hours just waiting around so I also planned to dress comfy for jury duty.

At the same time, this is my last class EVER, I’ve been going to school for over 20 years, shouldn’t I look nice? And what if I get put on some high profile case and end up on TV or something? Do I want to be wearing my ratty Emerson College sweatshirt and yoga pants, no way.

Thats when it hit me, my pattern should be one that utilizes knits!

I’m a huge fan of the Coco top and dress and since the challenge originated with Tilly, I knew it was the right choice. I seriously considered making 7 different versions, I even kind of sketched them out and got to ordering fabric but then I decided against that idea. Part of the challenge is to make a pattern work for a week with accessories and such, just because the pattern I chose has so many options doesn’t mean I should chicken out and just make 7. I decided to just use the fabric I had on hand instead of running around to find more. So 5 Coco’s it is!

If you follow me on Instagram I’ll force myself to take a selfie everyday and if not come back next week for the recap!

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