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Coco And Mini Coco

Julia and I on 11-11-11

Julia and I on 11-11-11

I’ve been wanting to make my goddaughter Julia and I matching outfits basically since the day she was born and Coco was the perfect choice. Its a knit so its comfy whether your 2 (almost 3) or 25, and the style is timeless. The fabric I ordered to make them is a similar stripe to the shirt I was wearing when I first met Julia, when she was a mere 2 days old! I’m a tad sentimental when it comes to her.

Mini coco was surprisingly easy to make. I got my contrast yoke



version pattern pieces ready to go and thought to myself, wow this yoke piece looks like I could make the dress out of it to be Julia’s size. I put it on top of a child’s PDF pattern I had printed and it was almost exactly a child’s size 5! I removed an inch from the fold line on the front and back to make it closer to a child’s size 4 and then retraced it and used one of my French curve rulers to get a similar dress shape as my adult sized coco. I made it 22 inches long from the arm pit and then made the bottom 4 inches into a color block bottom using the mustard jersey from my contrasting yoke.

Contrast Yoke Big Coco

Contrast Yoke Big Coco

Mini Coco

Contrast Bottom Mini Coco

To make the arm pieces I laid the front and back pattern pieces out on my tracing paper as if they were connected (taking the seam allowance into account) and drew around them where the sleeve would have to connect and then fine tuned it based in the shape of the adult size sleeve which really just entailed more defined edges where it goes onto the bottom part of the bodice. I used some of the mustard jersey to bind/face the neck so there is contrast at the top and bottom!

Julia is quite tall and the last dress I bought for her was a size 3 and that’s why I decided to go with the size 4ish. I think wearing Coco as a slightly too big dress is fine because it’s long enough that she should be able to wear it at least until she’s 4 next November. I am hoping she’ll be able to wear it as a shirt for another year when it inevitably becomes too short.

Since it was my own “design” I have no idea how much fabric you would need but I can tell you my thought process. When I ordered the stripes and solid yellow from Girl Charlee for my version I ordered 3 yards of stripes and 2 yards of solid and I still have a little bit left (not enough to make anything but some scrappy projects).

I think with the right fabric I could even make a mini Coco for some of my favorite little dudes since the Brenton top is so versatile. Have you modified any adult patterns so you and the special kids in your life could match? I’m thinking about a mini Archer for Julia next but I should really finish mine first!

photo 2

“No more pictures Kai”


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