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OWOP Recap

I put a lot of thought into which pattern to use for One Week One Pattern and I’m so happy with my choice! Here is a recap of my week in Coco.

Day 1: Saturday the 6th

photo 1You can read all about these Cocos here. I knew I was going to be seeing Julia on the first day of One Week One Pattern so I wanted to start off being twins! I tucked it into my shorts for a more casual fun “lets run around the house” look.

Day 2: Sunday the 7th

photo 3

While my wild chevon Coco may not be work appropriate due to its flashy pattern and shortness, its certainly perfect for a day of fabric shopping and grilled cheese eating with my mum.

Day 3: Monday the 8th

photo 4

I had a navy Coco in mind for today to be paired with my first pair of me made leggings, alas, the blue jersey was delayed in California. I was making a Grey’s run on Sunday anyway to get some twill for a jacket and grabbed this delightful grey while I was there. I call this my 5 shades of grey outfit: shoes, tights, necklace, headband and of course, Coco!

 Day 4: Tuesday the 9th

photo 1 (1)

I had a different outfit planned for Tuesday but when I woke up I was so tired from class the night before that I decided to just be comfy. My Turquoise funnel neck Coco is for sure my softest Coco but the fabric is also already starting to pit since it was vintage to begin with. I shouldn’t complain though, I got almost 4 yards for under $10 on eBay.

Day 5: Wednesday the 10th

photo 2 (1)

Yellow Contrast Yoke Coco we meet again! I wore it tucked in on Saturday so I could run around with Julia and not worry about bending over and exposing my rear end but on Wednesday I wore it with nylons, a rainbow necklace, my jean jacket and yellow shoes, a very different look for a very different day! I was supposed to have jury duty on this day but my services were not needed. If I had jury duty I was going to wear grey Coco with leggings and sneakers.

Day 6: Thursday the 11th

photo 3 (1)

In the words of Kate from Lizzie Mcquire, I am an outfit repeater! But who cares! I wore grey Coco again on this day with pants and a belt so it was a little more of a casual look where on Monday I was going for more of a “comfy yet classy for class” look.

Day 7: Friday the 12th

photo (20)

I ended the week strong, dressed from head to toe in Tilly and the Buttons pattens! This Coco is a wee bit too tight in the boob area but I absolutely love this outfit. It was my first one after all and I’ve made some adjustments since.

So what did One Week One Pattern teach me? That I need more Coco’s of course! Also, that I hate taking selfies but I kind of already knew that. I’m so glad I participated and from looking at the hashtag everyday on Instagram I came up with some great ideas for upcoming projects. I already have at least one more Coco in mind, the blue one that I never got to make! The fabric still hasn’t arrived but as soon as it is, I’m digging in.

Whether you participated or just observed, what did you take away from One Week One Pattern?

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