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Gleeful Meets Elisalex

If you’ve been following my blog at all you know I love the Elisalex bodice from By Hand London. I’ve made each sleeve variation, with the sleevless being my favorite.

I really wanted some of Sew Caroline’s limited edition fabric for Art Gallery but couldn’t decide between the polka dots and stripes so I asked my friends on Facebook which they liked better and we ended up with the polka dots (gotta love the power of social media!). I still had no idea what to make so I just ordered 3 yards because thats my go to when I just NEED to get some fabric.

After pre washing the fabric I was really anxious to make it into something and wear it so I thought to myself “Well, duh Carolanne, why not make your favorite bodice with a fabulous gathered skirt!” So thats just what I did :). Elisalex bodice, meet the gathered skirt and Sew Caroline fabric!

I actually learned something new this time with the bodice, I do not like polyester lining fabric. I don’t care how silky it is; it frays and doesn’t move the same way as cotton and I just don’t like the feeling of it.

My gathered skirt came out a little shorter than I intended but its not obscenely short or anything. I wore it to my works’ summer party and it was a hit amongst the ladies. I love that the fabric has a little shimmer to it and that the polka dots aren’t all exact circles, I think it made the print more fun. I’m a huge fan of Art Gallery fabrics and this collection is no exception. Their cottons are quilting weight but in my option are extremely appropriate for garment sewing.

A little peep of the top

A little peep of the top

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