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Non-Sewing Notions I Couldn’t Sew Without

This title is such a contradiction, but its so true. I have four items that you’re unlikely to find at any sewing or quilt shop that I couldn’t sew without. Prepare to be amazed.

13477771Hand held vacuum: I have two cats who cohabitant in my sewing space and they are as curious as the old saying goes. They seem to be especially curious about loose threads, little bits of fabric and their favorite, the sound of their paws on tracing paper. And do you know what happens when cats get curious about the same items? They fight and scratch the crap out of me when I pull them apart. Once I look down and notice my mess I can now grab the hand held vacuum and prevent Cat War I in a matter of seconds.

19463Water Bottle: This might be pure laziness or I might be overly cautious but a standard 16.9 ounce water bottle makes filling my iron so much easier. I hated having to hold it under the tap because I was always worried the water would spill and I wouldn’t notice and then BOOM electrocuted!

photo (29)Plumbing Washers: Who knew you could find a sewing gadget at Home Depot? After I took the class and made my first Moneta I was determined to find big washers to use as pattern weights like Sarah at Grey’s had. Find them I did while shopping for gardening supplies!

photo (28)Magnet: This is two fold, I have the aforementioned curious cats and sensitive feet, the last thing I want in them is a pin and a big ol horseshoe magnet makes it easy to find them. I’ve gotten my pin dropping down to a science, I know exactly what buttons on my rug they are likely to fall onto so once I’m packing up for the day I grab my magnet and do a quick swipe. I’m sorry to say that I usually catch 1 or 2 but at least I’m being proactive and not catching them with my pinky toe!

What sewing notions could you not live without?

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