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My Name’s Calliope…T…Plant…Tain. Plantain (T-Shirt).

Oh Plantain tee, where were you when I sought to create more everyday garments over the summer? Oh thats right, you were waiting for me as a free download in cyber space, I just didn’t know about you!

sea_glass_bambooI was interface shopping at Grey’s when I was literally drawn to this bamboo jersey. I told myself no, I came for my new button holer foot and interfacing but I kept going back to it. I had no idea what to make with it and didn’t want to just buy 3 yards at $14 a yard with no plan. I pulled out my phone and looked at my “Sew Good, Sew Good” pinterest board because I keep all things sewing related there and saw that earlier this year I pined the Plaintain top. Bam I was sold! A quick google told me how much fabric I needed and I got a little extra just incase. I washed the fabric immediately when I got home, dried it and then hung it so I could get started the next morning.

photo (38)I love the fit of this version but there are aspects I will change next time. Based on my measurements I was a 46 in the bust, 42 in the waist and 44 in the hips so I started with the 46 and graded down to the 44 but now with the finished shirt I should have just stuck to the straight out 46 of even drafted a larger size. My first Plantain is fabulous but it does not look anything like the model or the examples I’ve seen on other blogs.

photo (33)I put one of the elbow patches on wrong which made it an inner elbow patch which was not flattering. I didn’t realize this until I had already sewn the arms on so I noticed the incorrect patch when I was trying the shirt on. Unfortunately the arms were also a bit too short and tight for my liking. Fortunately, I had enough fabric to cut them out again a little larger and longer. The first pass also had me rethinking the fabric I used for my patches, it was a close match in color but not quite spot on so once it was sewn on it kind of irritated me. I decided to go a little more fun with my second attempt and I used some of the deer I had left over from the Moneta I made for Emily.

I’m sitting here binge watching Criminal Minds season 3 and JJ and Emily have shirts on that look like it which make it all the more apparent that this top is a staple for all women and I will not be any exception! The fact that I’ve since ordered 3 different fabrics to make more also kind of seals the deal for me. I think my slight fit issues could have to do with the type of jersey I used so the other fabrics I ordered all have different percentages of stretch so I can decide which I like the best. I think a ponte would give the flowy affect I was after but I don’t think it would stretch quite right for attaching the neck band. What are your thoughts on the perfect fabric for this top?

This post is my first one that I’ve added to a link party, go check out the other fabulous makes!

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