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The Amazing Fit Dress That Fits Pretty Good

2648Such a tease, labeling a pattern “the amazing fit”. The pattern comes with bodice pieces based on your cup size and skirt pieces for slim, average and curvy hip areas. Since making this pattern I have learned a bit and to me it feels like what they really did was provide you with bust adjustments that could be self drafted and deemed this the amazing fit. While it was nice to not have a cookie cutter pattern to work with, this dress does not fit perfectly, its just pretty good.

7Looking back, I chose a pretty crappy fabric for this, its stiff and if I don’t wear a slip it rubs funny on the  back of my legs and just isn’t very pleasant. I think if I had used a cotton voile and silky lining this dress might have turned out better. It does look nice on me so I do get wear out of it but I just feel like it was a bit of a tease. Maybe I’ll try another pattern from the collection to see if one of them would be more amazing for me. I did get a free one with a recent magazine purchase so maybe its time to try again!

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