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Nani Iro Envy

Oh Nani Iro how you tease me. With your fabulous prints and seemingly wonderful texture, why must you be so unattainable? I looked for weeks for the print I wanted, checking Etsy, Ebay, all of my go to foreign fabric resources who I knew at one point carried it but nothing.

Until one day I found it! For $29 per yard and a very expensive international shipping charge. I’m sorry but no. Over $100 to buy enough for a knee-length dress? I love a good print but not enough to spend that kinda cash on it.

I sunk into my chair and resolved that I would never hold the parodigal Japanese Nani Iro double gauze fabric in my hands.

That was until I found it online at Hart’s fabric, I placed my order and made the decision for a V neck Anna dress that I would wear for my best friends bridal shower. I ordered the fabric on Friday, muslined the V neck top on Saturday and being very impatient, I checked my order status on Sunday… They sold out before my order was fulfilled and my order was on hold. I sunk into my chair again, this time into a mild depression.

On a whim, I checked Etsy again and there it was! There were three listings and each said “only 1 available”, 1 what? 1 yard, 1 fat quarter, 1 complete roll? I sent a message to all three sellers and they all had over 3 yards available!

I decided which seller to go with, US based, average shipping cost and then another obstacle, for the first time ever (for me) PayPal wouldn’t load!! I tried on my phone and on the computer but it just kept twirling the loading circle and with each twirl I dug my finger nails a little further into my hands. Why is the world against me getting this fabric?

At this point it was well past my bedtime so I accepted defeat and vowed to try again the next day.

Luckily for me when I tired again the fabric from my chosen seller was still available and Paypal was working so I placed my order, sat back in my chair and relaxed. It felt like it took forever to arrive but arrive it did! Be sure to come back in a few days to see what I made with it!

urlHere is the link to the shop that I found it in if like me, you are having trouble putting an end to your own Nani Iro envy.

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