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Life is too short to wear long dresses

I had every intention of making a second Moneta dress during the Colette sponsored sewalong in June. My fabric was prewashed, my pattern pieces adjusted, and clear elastic ordered, yet when it was time to cut I decided my fabric was not at all right for this dress. I got some super cute chevron from etsy and a piece of solid green to do a color blocked bottom and sleeve cuffs but as I started to cut I realized this fabric should not be a dress for me.

Skip ahead to mid August and I finally got around to making a sleeved version of the Moneta dress and as much as I love the finished dress, I’m a little upset about its construction. My blue Moneta is borderline too short to wear to work, so I wear it anyway but am cautious of my leg placement. For my second one I added 6 inches to the pattern pieces so I’d have extra length and plenty of room for a nice hem.

Alas, when I put the skirt and bodice together it did not go so well. There were bunches everywhere and I had my machine on the overlock stitch and it kept sucking the fabric into the feed dog so what I ended up with was a dress with little holes and odd bunches that laid awful on me. Even if I unpicked all of those seams there were still the holes to deal with so instead I cut them apart and started a fresh seam, I lost at least an inch in the bodice and another inch in the skirt. No big deal right? I added enough length that I’d still be good.

Well, then when I was working on the hem my double needle broke in half (hit me in the face I might add) and caused a big rip in my hem and I lost almost another 2 inches because I had to cut the hem to get rid of the ripped areas. After almost finishing putting the new hem in I ran out of thread. So here I am just about back where I started in terms of length and I have a dress that is 90% complete. Is this the universes way of telling me to wear shorter dresses?

photo (46)

I decided to cut the hem off since it looked kinda crappy with the single needle application anyway and I added a color blocked bottom out of a woven fabric! While highly controversial amongst sewing blogs, I have no problem mixing a knit and a woven in this case because it really was just to add length and since the skirt has a slight flare this piece doesn’t even touch my body.

Regardless of my length issue, I love the fabric I got for this version, its from the new Winged Collection by Art Gallery and I think its such a wonderful shade of minty green plus the pattern is feathers, is it possible for there to be a cuter combination? I think not. Oh wait, add a mint green color blocked bottom and faux binding bottom and it can be cuter!

I’m not stopping at 2, I’m going to make another 3/4 sleeve Moneta just to prove to myself that I can get the length right.

photo (47)

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