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All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust. – Pattern Hackathon Dress

This may be the first entry I started but it was the last one to be finished. I completely underestimated the amount of fabric I would need to make this Flora skirt. Due to the one directional print I cut the skirt pieces out in four pieces instead of 3 and it took 1 yard to cut each of them. When I had to reorder fabric not once but twice, I started working on alternatives but in the end I was able to finish this in the nick of time!photo (64)

For the bodice I used the Sew Over It Betty dress bodice. I followed the tutorial on their blog to make the neckline more scooped and worked on perfecting the fit a little more. My first Betty is great but even after a muslin the final fit ended up being a little too tight. For this one I didn’t go up a full size but graded up from the waist to the chest. Unfortunately its still a little too small but at least thing time my boobs aren’t squished. I think I’ll need to add a little extra to the waist and the fit will be perfect.

photo (65)

Now, back to the skirt! I initially had added a tiny box pleat to the center front seam to draw attention away from the seam but as I was attaching the skirt I realized the amount of flounce in Flora makes it nearly unnoticeable. To try and match up the bust darts of Betty to Floras pleats I turned the one knife pleat into two and the two center most pieces of pleat match up pretty closely. I could have done better by making a few alterations but the Betty dart placement works so well for my body that I didn’t want to mess with the integrity of either piece too much.

I used a photo (63)fabric from the Michael Miller Glitz collection and the polka dots make me think of pixie dust, especially the way I orientated the fabric. The top is all the same size dots with the same distance between them but I made the skirt so the dots gradually get more pronounced.

I really love the way the skirt twirls and especially how you can see the difference in print when I spin.

I plan for this dress to be my go to party dress this holiday season and I’m going to wear it when I have pre-wedding tea in Disney before my best friends wedding in April. Now I just need to find a gold cardigan

photo (66)

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