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I’ll Take A Big Ol’ White Russian

Kahlua, vodka and cream – whats not to love? A traditional White Russian is one of my favorite cocktails. Now, the White Russian sweatshirt by Capital Chic Patterns? I may have a new favorite!

photo (42)Capital Chic is a newer indie pattern company that are designed for the intermediate to advanced sewer. I really like all of the patterns but do not consider myself intermediate or advanced by any means so I decided to try the White Russian first as it is only marked by 1 cocktail glass.

I got this fabric for $4.50 per yard! Even with shipping this sweatshirt only cost me about $11 to make and it sewed up really quickly. I traced the pieces shortly after I printed it but from fabric cutting to finishing touches it only took me about 3 hours.

Showing my sister how perfect the sleeve length is.

Showing my sister how perfect the sleeve length is.

For all intents and purposes this sweatshirt is perfect, its warm and cozy and fits with some ease. However, this is meant to be more of a dressed up sweatshirt so I think I’ll go down a size with my next one. I was also going to embellish the neck line with pearls or beads but I’m going to leave it as is and wear it for stylish comfort. The only change I made was to add 2 inches to the sleeve length, the pattern piece looked too short so I traced the price onto my fleece and held it up to my arm before I cut.

Harts fabric sells ribbing so I think my next White Russian will be a color that they have ribbing to match so I can use it for the cuffs and waistband. Perhaps a grey or green with one of the provided fox quilting option would be nice!


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