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Perfecting The Fit Of The Archer Shirt

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen countless versions of the Archer in blogland, so I knphoto (49)ow what you must be thinking. Where is the colar? I got this fabric quite cheap with the intention of getting the fit right before using my polka dot chambray but I used every little bit just for the body so I didn’t have enough to attempt the collar. I didn’t have enough for the cuffs of sleeve plackets either and I really wish I had enough because those are two techniques I’ve yet to practice.

I couldn’t decide if the length was good or not, I thought about adding a few inches so it would cover more of my butt but then I tired it on with jeans and tucked into a skirt and I think the length is actually perfect. It works with both bottoms. An extra long version would be nice to wear with leggings, maybe I’ll try that for my third one!

photo (39)

The sleeves are a little too short but with the addition of the cuffs they would be almost perfect so I added an inch to my sleeve pattern piece for my next version. The button bands get interfaced and the pattern pieces to cut them from is not by simply using their pattern pieces, they have their own pieces and it left a little too much visible for my liking so for my dot version I’m going to cut the interfacing using the same pattern pieces.

Since I didn’t make the colar I used bias binding to finish the colar to add a little excitement up there. So far I’ve worn this top twice and both times I have worn it with a scarf. I don’t love the neck without the colar so I just cover it up! Where this shirt had a lot of aspects to it that I wasn’t familiar with, I’m glad I made a wearable muslin even if it doesn’t include all the elements I wanted to practice. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of making test versions of garments out of fabrics that I can actually wear instead of with muslin. I know the point is to get the fit right but when it actually fits right after all that, I feel like it was a waste of my time to make something that is completely unwearable.

When you make test versions of garments do you use muslin or a fabric that you would actually wear?

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