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The Least Flattering Dress I’ve Ever Made

Well dears, this is the last dress from my backlog of makes and theres a reason I saved it for last. Its seriously awful.

I blame a few factors:

1. My amateur sewing skills. I made this dress back in 2010 when I was still being closely watched by my grandmother.

2. My fabric choice. $1 a yard sale fabric from Walmart may be cheap but does not produce a fabulous garment.

3. The pattern. This is a lovely vintage pattern whose envelope is to die for but the style of the dress just doesn’t sit on me like it does on the model.

photo (69)

I mean, just look at it. Its a sack with ugly little polka dots that you think are stained because the yellow isn’t bright enough. I don’t even think its worth cutting up to try and get something else out of the fabric.

photo (70)

My grandmother applied the bias tape and made the buttons holes, which are of course the two best features of the dress. I cannot even take credit for the only positive features of this make for god sake!!!

So boys and girls, what have we learned? Don’t judge a pattern by its envelope and where it is good to buy cheap fabric for test garments, lower your expectations that they will produce a wearable dress.

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