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My First, Fabulous V-Neck Anna

With the Anna pattern and the amazing Emmy Grace fabric from Art Gallery, what could go wrong? Famous last words. 

I got a little cocky with this dress and decided to draft my own circle skirt. In retrospect I should have just used the Flora skirt because I know all of the BHL pieces go so well together.

So the skirt that I drafted didn’t quite fit with the bodice so I had to cut some of it off in the back and then I ended up with this little bump where a kick pleat would be. I mean it could be worse, at least the skirt still twirls nicely which is my favorite thing about a circle skirt.

This fabric came in quilting weight and voile and I kind of regret not ordering the voile because I think the drape would have been fabulous, but I do think the slight stiffness of the quilting cotton helps to hold V.

I started this dress as a possible entry to the By Hand London pattern hackathon but decided to go a different direction and didn’t get around to finishing it until recently which was perfect timing to wear it to my new works holiday party. It came out a little shorter than I had planned due to fabric limitations so I’ve worn it with tights but think it will get a lot more wear in the spring and summer. This fabric design is not directional so that helped me be able to cut the skirt with the front on the fold as opposed to my pattern hackathon dress that I had to cut in panels.

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