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Another Coco With Matching Leggings!

Tomahawk leggings on Tomahawk road!

Tomahawk leggings on Tomahawk road!

When my navy blue ponte did not arrive in time to make a Coco for One Week One Pattern, I was going to put that project on hold for a bit. Did I really need another Coco? Turns out the answer is DUH! I decided a navy Coco and fun leggings would be the perfect outfit for my baby cousins second birthday party. Lets see, its a cute outfit but its also functional and I can jump in the bounce house without fear of my who-ha showing.

I think I’ve discussed the construction of Coco enough and I’ve made no other changes. I’ve got the fit perfected!

The leggings are the pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee Sew Your Own Wardrobe book. They came together really fast and look great. I really liked that the waist band isn’t a separate piece of fabric, its just part of the overall pattern piece folded down. The waistband calls for a piece of elastic which makes fitting quite simple. I made a test pair in the size large and the only change I made was to add some length. I’m 5′ 8” and like my leggings to be nice and long so I needed to add 4 inches. I think even if these had felt large the elastic waist would have helped to hug me.

I really like the Tomahawk print, especially paired with the simple navy Coco but the Art Gallery Knits are not the best for leggings in my opinion. I’ve only worn these twice and they has substantial piling in the inner thigh area. However, the matching tur-band? I’ve worn 10+ times and washed and its held up fine. I’m convinced if I had skinnier thighs the piling would be less extreme but thats just part of me. I think a knit with more spandex would be better for my next pair of leggings.


From Left to Right: Me, my sister Emily, my mom, my nana and my Aunt Debbie.

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