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Sewing and Blog Goals For 2015

I’ve decided not to make any new years resolutions this year. Last year I set a 2014 goal to complete 12 road races and although I paid for 12 I was only able to do 10. And you know what, I give myself an A for effort. So this year I’m going to try something else new and set goals for my sewing and blog.

I would certainly not classify myself as anything higher than an ambitious beginner sewer but I have a lot of techniques I want to conquer.

Here’s my list:

1) Make my own under garments

2) Boning a bodice

3) Inserting a fly zipper

4) Make welt pockets

I’m already off to a good start as I’ve signed up to take a cape making class at one of my local fabric shops, Gather Here. The cape reminds me of a circle skirt but it has welt pockets which I’ve never attempted before and I’m glad that I’ll have support of a teacher when I try them. I also have the Ginger jeans and Minoru jacket patterns that I’m excited to work on. My Pavot jacket came out wonderful but the Minoru is a little more complicated and I’m excited to see how I handle it. I’ve been thinking about buying an overlocker so I’m going to wait to start the Ginger jeans until I either buy it or 100% decide I’m not going to. I can see myself getting lazy with the top stitching because I’ll have to keep switching needles and threads and if I have an overlocker I can keep the topstitching on my Pfaff and use the overlocker for the rest of the construction.

In terms of this blog, I’d love to get to a place where I’m asked to pattern test or asked to participate in blog hops for new books, patterns or fabric lines. I started this blog so I’d have a place to document all of my makes but I’m not ashamed to say that I get so jealous when I see other bloggers trying new patterns before they are released or getting copies of new books that I want before they are in print.

Here are a few of my favorite projects from 2014!

photo (33)photo (22)


A fter looking at these pictures I realized most of my favorite makes are in the blue color family. Maybe an added goal for 2015 should be to start using different colors in my sewing!


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