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Thanksgiving In Coco

I really wanted to make a new something for Thanksgiving this year and had just about decided on the Bronte Top when my Nana gave me a vintage pattern for a knit dress with a super wide funnel neck.

The fabric was already ordered for Bronte but I decided to shorten Coco and make it work. Instead of using the Coco funnel neck pieces I redrafted the ones from the vintage pattern to be closer to my size. My nana was rather thin in the 70’s with a bust of just 32 inches where I am more like 42 inches.

The vintage pattern piece has two seams that I lined up with the shoulder seams on Coco. I actually think it went on better than the actual Coco funnel neck because it wasn’t a pull as you go to make it fit situation, it was drafted to fit just right with no pulling necessary so as I redrafted I kept that in mind.

Construction wise, my Coco’s just keep getting better! Its not overly complicated but I can do it by memory now without pulling out the directions at all. Plus my double needle skills have vastly improved.

Every time I make a Coco I say that its the last one for a while but I just can’t help myself. It is so adaptable and I mean, I have yet to even make one with pockets so there are most likely 3 or 4 more in my future.

I really loved the idea of using this plaid for a Bronte, I thought that it would look really nice with a navy blue as the contrasting strips so I might have to order some more in a different color way to give it a go.

photo (79)

I know Thanksgiving here in the states was almost 2 months ago but with the amount of Coco’s I’ve been making, I wanted to space out posting about them.

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