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Hudson Pants 1.0

I titled this post Hudson Pants 1.0 because I’m 99% sure there will be many more versions in my future.

These came together really easily once I figured out the pocket detail. It really wasn’t that hard but I was feeling apprehensive and I unpicked and resewed it on a few times and then had to recut the detail because I ripped it with the sephoto (72)am ripper. The only change I made was to add 4 inches to the length. When I make these again I am going to skip the drawstring. However, when I tackle the mini version I’m going to keep it. I like the look of it but had trouble putting it in and since I don’t need to tie it to keep the pants up, I don’t find it necessary.

This fabric is amazing! I ordered it from Blackbird Fabrics and its double sided ponte. This is what ponte should feel like, its soft but strong, stretchy but sturdy and I just love it so much. I ordered 4 meters so I actually have enough for another pair or maybe a Coco, hmm, something to think about. Back to the fabric! Its dark grey on one side and black on the other so I used the grey side for the pants but I used the black side for the waistband, cuffs and
pocket detail. photo (78)

These were a bit difficult to photograph because they are pretty dark and every time I’ve tried to take a picture there wasn’t any good light. Please take my word for it that they are super comfy and paired with one of my favorite Christmas Presents (sewing machine sweatshirt), it’s one of my favorite outfits!


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