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A Few Of My Favorite Fabric Resources

When I first started sewing I only knew of one place to buy patterns and fabrics, Joann Fabrics. As I’ve gotten more and more into the craft (and into Indie patterns) I’ve found a lot of alternatives to old faithful Joanns both IRL and online. Incase you find yourself in need of some fabric, here is a recap of everywhere I love to buy it from!

logo I’ve gotten Andover’s Downton Abbey collection, numerous Art Gallery collections, various Michael Miller prints and a few Cotton & Steels from here and am in love with their selection.
grey-base-logo (1) is my FAVORITE fabric store, they have a lot of inventory online but if I like one I just go down there. The owner is a sweet heart and the vintage market across the street is also awesome. Grey’s is definitely my favorite in real life sewing shop and if you’re not nearby you can experience the awesomeness from their online shop!
fabric-logo you can order swatches of most fabrics if you want to feel it or see it in person and the prices are pretty good. When I’m trying something new I find their wide selection and excellent prices a good combination. My first knit fabric that became my blue Moneta came from here and cost me a mere $3.98 a yard. I also snagged some Liberty Fleece for about 10% cheaper than I found it anywhere else. I’ve never used Liberty but have heard great things so even a little bit cheaper sealed the deal for me.

the-village-haberdashery-logo they have amazing prints that I can’t find anywhere else (like the tulips for my Floralex!!), the only down side for us in North America- they are in London so shipping cost more than the fabric unless you get a lot. Previously I have waited until there are three or more things I want to off set the shipping cost. They only do over sea’s shipping if you sign for it and it was funny coming home and having my dad tell me that when he had to sign for my fabric the delivery guy asked what was so important and he replied “British fabric”.
footer-logo They have a wonderful selection of quilting cottons and apparel fabrics. Sometimes I find that stores only have one or the other. I’ve ordered double gauze, quilting cotton and swimsuit fabric from Harts and have been very happy with all of them.
Mood8 when I went to NYC with my sisters I went to the Mood store and was so overwhelmed! Their website can be just as overwhelming because the selection is so fabulous. Something I really love about Mood is that the more you buy the more free swatches you can get. I usually wait until I need a few things to get my total up so I can order a few swatches too. I tend to get swatches of higher priced items or if I’m needing a very specific amount of stretch.
blackbird_banner_bc_1411505670__73288 When Caroline from Sewaholic announced she had opened an online fabric shop, I knew it would become a go to for me. Caroline always uses the most beautiful fabrics for the makes that she shares on the Sewaholic blog so I knew she had a great eye. I’ve ordered from Blackbird twice and have been so pleased with both of my fabric purchases and her selection of notions is great too. Caroline keeps a carefully curated collection of fabrics and from what I’ve seen once something is gone its gone so act fast if you like something she has. I ordered 4 meters of a reversible ponte and I love it so much that I wanted to order more a mere 10 days after my initial purchase and it was already gone.
Now, go forth and fabric shop, I know I’m going to 🙂

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