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Common Questions Asked Of The Modern Sewist

I wear something me made at least once a week and I’m often asked a slew of questions that I know other modern sewist get asked because I see it on their blogs and social media pages. I know everyones answers will vary slightly but for me, its time to clear the air a little bit. Lets get started shall we?

Question 1: Did you make that?

I can’t decide if people asking me if I made something is a compliment or an insult. Are you asking because it doesn’t look like it was put together well or because it looks unique and you can’t imagine finding something like it at the mall?

Question 2: Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Clothes?

I find this question hard to answer for a few reasons: 1) It really depends on the garment. 2) I didn’t set out to make my own clothes because I thought it would be cheaper.

Sometimes you can get fabric for a great deal or make a pattern multiple times and the end result is a few hours of your time and $20 of fabric, sounds like a deal to me. Sometimes, you make a pattern for the first time with more expensive fabric and spend $100. You know what the common thread is? I enjoy sitting in front of that machine and making something beautiful to wear no matter the cost. For comparison sake here is a shirt I bought at J.Crew and a similar one that I made. The J.Crew shirt was $93 including shipping. The me made version cost $27.96 in materials and $6.50 for the pattern that I have every intention of making again! The styles are pretty similar right?

Question 3: Doesn’t It Take A Long Time/Don’t You Get Bored?


Yes, sometimes I leave the house with pins still in my dress or a hook with no eye but do you get bored while engaging in your hobbies just because they take a long time? Whether they be hiking, fishing or playing video games, just because it can take a long time doesn’t mean its boring or not worth doing. So in conclusion, yes, sewing your own clothes does take a lot of time but in the end, unlike with playing video games, you have a tangible item to hold in your hands and wear!

Question 4: Will You Make Something For Me?

If I like you, yes. If you want me to make something for some distant relative of yours then you’ll have to pay me. I’m not a charity and there are a whole bunch of things I could spend time making for myself instead.

I’d like to end this posting by saying that I appreciate every compliment I get when I wear something homemade and I really am happy to make things for my friends, just don’t take advantage! Here are a few things I have un-selfishly sewn, just to show you that I’m really not heartless 🙂



2014-04-12 17.44.28



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