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Snow Day Sewing

New England was blanketed with snow yesterday so I was snowed in and worked from home. I cut out a new pattern during my lunch break and then sewed it up once the work day was over. I don’t think I’d like a job where I have to work from home 100% of the time but its great having the option when the weather is awful. Plus, sewing time mid-time! Win win 🙂

photo (86)The pattern is going to take some work to get the fit right but thats why I used a fabric that I got on sale. I’m trying to find great sales on really lovely fabrics so I can use those instead of muslin when I make my first versions of things. 8 out of 10 times the test version is wearable and its disappointing to have a wearable shirt, skirt, dress, etc made out of muslin.

I’m going to take the skirt and bodice apart and make a few changes so this dress will be wearable but I also need to alter the pattern pieces for my next one. As it is, the dress looks a little shapeless but don’t worry, I have big alteration plans!


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