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The Sureau Dress

Did you know that Sureau is French for Elderberry? Which is a part of the Elderflower which is what St.Germain liquor is made of. Naturally I had thoughts of drinking a classic St.Germain cocktail while I was working on this dress but I had to keep my head clear.

10407373_10203837668002186_874436552189475247_nOnto the dress!

My muslin came together really quick and I was very happy with the results. I actually wish I had used a real fabric because my only issue is the length and a short version of this dress would be fine for the spring and summer.

Santa Boyfriend bought me this pattern for Christmas and I muslined it on the 26th. I had been wanting it but wouldn’t let myself buy it because I have so many patterns I haven’t even started working on yet! I actually took 5 patterns I’ve been meaning to make and assembly¬†line style prepped them so now I can come home from work and even if its just for 15 minutes, sew a few seams.

Tracing, cutting and muslining (is that a word?) are the least enthralling parts of garment sewing for me so I figure this way I got 5 garments ready to make on a day I normally work and now I can really enjoy the process on a daily basis.

The dress fit me perfectly with no alterations other than adding some length. I like my dresses and skirts to be knee length when I’m standing so when I sit or bend over I don’t give the world a show. I really love the top of this dress, including the sleeves which is odd for me. I’m not usually a lover of set-in sleeves. I don’t quite have broad shoulders but I do have wider shoulders so many sleeved versions of dresses just don’t fit me right. I have good luck with raglan sleeves, kimono sleeves and these ones! I actually used these sleeve pattern pieces to add sleeves to my Kim dress (post coming soon).

This was my first time doing a side zipper so I used a regular zipper instead of an invisible to try and make my life a little simpler. It went in very easily and I think I might prefer it to a back zipper for the sole reason that even if you have a little wavy bit or a small bump at the bottom, your arm covers it! Plus, added bonus, I don’t need any assistance to get dressed!

It’s been snowing a lot lately so I’m sorry that I don’t have any great pictures but the one above was taken at a really fun event for work and here is the dress finished on my dress form.

Screenshot 2015-02-02 12.36.29


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