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I Dream Of Ginger

Ready for an odd story? On Valentines day I literally woke up covered in denim. I’ve been known to talk in my sleep and occasionally walk the house (my mom used to put up gates when I was a kid so I didn’t fall down the stairs) but I have never actually done anything other than walk around or tell really weird stories.

This night was different. I woke up at some point during the night and went into my sewing room, took my serger off of its shelf and plugged it in, turned my regular machine and serger on and emptied part of my fabric stash from the storage ottoman and wrapped up in the denim from my Ginger Jeans kit on the couch. I was so disoriented when I woke up but I took it as a sign that it was time to tackle some jeans!

photo (91)I didn’t use the denim from my kit as I wanted to make my first pair with something a little less expensive. Ironically the cheapest denim I found with the amount of strength I wanted was from Mood and its by Marc Jacobs! The product picture makes it look almost black but its more of an indigo and is very similar in color to a pair of jeans I have from J.Crew that I love. I’ve never made jeans before and the only pants I’ve made are two pairs of ultimate trousers, Hudson sweats and a few pairs of leggings. In comparison, traditional jeans are much more intense. There’s stitching, serging, lots of pressing and top stitching and a hammer is even needed! There is not one part of the construction that was exactly “hard” but each step requires precision and care.

Fit wise there is not much I want to change but I will go down a size or two next time. You see, I like even the skinniest of jeans of have some, shall we call it, room for dessert. I’m lucky enough that I can wear jeans to work but there is nothing worse then getting to 3 o’clock (when I usually have a snack) and feeling like my jeans are going to explode. With that in mind, I decided for my first pair to just make the size 18 and go from there. Since my measurements were closer to the 12 this was not my smartest move but I knew I could take them in if I needed to and muslin or not, I wanted these jeans to be wearable.

photo (94)

I’m glad I didn’t make the size that my measurements corresponded with because I only ended up taking off 2 inches from the side seams. This interfered with the front pockets. but I’m not going to whine about it; I’m just going to trace off the size 16 for my next pair since the finished measurements are two inches less than the size 18. The only part of these jeans I don’t love is the waistband. I had trouble grading/finessing from the back with the yoke to the lower rise front which after reading other reviews of the pattern I have realized why! I added length to the legs and when it was time to put them together they weren’t even. I chalked it off to poor measuring but I realize now that the front was longer because I had it down too low and the front is actually supposed to line up perfectly with the yoke back. This is what I get for not paying attention to the notches.

When I was working on these the directions confused me a little bit in certain places but I referenced the sewalong posts and my Sewtionary and they both helped me quite a bit. It’s not that they were bad instructions but I think I just needed a little extra hand holding. I also found it very helpful to look at other peoples Ginger jeans in their finished state and Heatphoto (92)her Lou has graciously rounded up quite a few of them on Pinterest. I used a skewer to make the hole for my button but wasn’t able to get my skewer through the pocket areas to insert the rivets so for the time being I left them off. Since this pair came out so wonderful I think I’ll invest in the tools to properly insert jean buttons and rivets. I also skipped the belt loops which I will most likely to continue to do. I never wear a belt and I can’t imagine my machine cooperating to go through the layers necessary to sew them on. I know “real” jeans have belt loops but mine don’t have to #sorrynotsorry. I had a really hard time making the button hole through all that fabric and it kept getting jammed so I used some of the top stitch thread and lots of fray check to hand sew around the hole. For my next pair I got some extra large hooks and eyes and might skip the button.

Apparently I’m working on my sewing goals for the year in reverse order of how I wrote them because I already made beautiful welt pockets and now with my Ginger jeans I’ve made a fly front pair of pants! I’m off to great start on my goals and come on now, check out my butt in these!

Now let me leave you with this, how good does my butt look in these? My flat ass is not something I normally draw attention to but I am very happy with the fit of these on my bum!

photo (93)Please excuse the poor lighting of these pictures, its been freeezing in Massachusetts so these were taken in my sewing room, in the basement, at night. Terrible for lighting but great jeans that needed to be shown off!


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