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Planning For Me Made May

Inspired by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille, I’ve decided to create a plan of action for Me Made May. I’ve been wanting to participate for the last two years but did not feel my hand made wardrobe was large enough for anything more than a 2 times per week pledge and that feels like cheating. I’m going to wear me made everyday in May gosh darn it!

However, I am not going to limit myself to no outfit repeats because that’s just silly. My caged bird dress and my jeggings gets worn almost every week . That’s how I dress and I think the epitome of me made May is to embrace what you’ve made not limit your normal self.
I love to make and wear dresses. Making wise I’m really happy with my level of all the necessary skills. My invisible zippers aren’t always perfect but they are pretty good and can be covered by my ever present collection of cardigans, I should really try hand sewing my hems so they are invisible but usually by the time I get to that step I just want to wear the thing! Wearing wise they are a complete look! I have lots of shoes with matching cardigans and novelty necklaces so they really work well for me.

I know I could fill the month with dresses. Between my 5 dresses using the Elisalex pattern and 7 Cocos I could make due but what I need are more staples. Skirts, pants and tops!

I’d like to make a better constructed pair of jeggings, make some more real jeans, a few skirts (at least one for my vintage pattern pledge), I want to either make the archer or Granville work for my body by then so I’ll have a few button down shirts that are perfect and I have some silk that I’ve been too afraid to cut but I think a sleeveless silk blouse would be a great addition to my me made wardrobe.

I have my pavot jacket and milano cape which I will wear as appropriate but won’t necessarily count as my item a day. I feel it would be somehow cheating to just wear my pavot everyday and say I succeeded with me made May.
Another goal is to get some wear out of the first items I made. Many of my first makes don’t get wore because I didn’t do the best job, I didn’t work on fitting or I just bought the cheapest whatever fabric to practice. As prep for Me Made May I’d like to either alter a few of those pieces or work on accessorizing them to be more in line with my current style.

I am doing 2 half marathons in May so I’d like to make a top to wear for them. I was thinking just a short sleeved plantain and get some iron on letters to put some sort of running phrase on it. If anyone has recommendations for running wear fabrics or patterns please let me know! I tend to throw on my pjs after a race and eat a big fat cheese burger, for some reason I crave the same thing after every race, so I think a work out shirt would be the perfect addition instead of just wearing my Hudson’s and calling it a me made day.

So here is the low down on my best of intentions:

Striped peony dress (decided against after drafting this post and used the fabric for a Mortmain instead)
1 pair ginger jeans
1 pair of Jamie jeans
1 vintage button down skirt
1-2 Granville shirts. I’ve just finished taking a class on it and have the fit almost perfect.
2 pendrell blouses, 1 floral and the other tbd. I love my flutter sleeved one but I think the sleeveless will be more wearable as it won’t make me look like I’m wearing shoulder pads if I wear a cardigan. Plus I have a few minor tweaks I want to try making to it.

Black Mabel Skirt

Striped Plantain T-Shirt

Shirt for half marathon

Dahlia dress

So thats my plan! Do you think I missed anything that would be a good addition to my everyday rotation? I’ll leave you with a picture of me in one of my favorite dresses 🙂photo (60)

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