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Sleeveless Granville in Quilting Cotton

I was so nervous to try this shirt on after it was mostly constructed.

My first Granville was made with a nice chambray and at the time when I blogged about it, if I sat the wrong way the buttons would gape. My worst fear was that the stiffer quilting cotton would make the gapes look more pronounced but by a stroke of sheer luck (or weight loss) it fits great! If you are thinking, “Carolanne, why didn’t you just cut out the larger size?” The answer is because I refuse. I’m working to loose a few pounds and refuse to make things bigger than they need to do. Minor gaping can be dealt with by using fashion tape.photo (19)

As much as I love my first Granville, the weather is starting to be warm so for version number 2 I decided to omit the sleeves (version 3 will be short sleeved in case you were curious). I followed the tutorial on the Sewaholic blog to remove the sleeves but I don’t think I took off quite enough. If I make this sleeveless again I will lay my Alder pieces on top of the Granville pieces to get the armscye to be the same.

A little bit of excess fabric

This fabric is really busy so I didn’t even try to pattern match. If we’re being 100% honest here, I wouldn’t have known what to try and match up! I did put a real effort into the collar though. I’ve been trying really hard to make nice two piece collars so when I put my collar on this and it wasn’t quite right I used the tiny bit of fabric I had left to cut out a new one. I’m so glad I did because this one looks really nice! I think I went too far into the seam allowance on my first one because it wasn’t fitting quite right onto the neckline and then when I was unpicking I ripped a giant hole into the under collar. I may have been able to hide it, but remaking both pieces was worth it for the beautiful finished product. I made this before my Alder and can tell you that I’ve already improved and since I want to make a few more button down shirts, I can only get better right?photo (22)

I finished the arm holes and hem with some green single fold bias tape that I had in my stash. I wanted to get some double fold purple because I thought it would have looked nice (and I prefer double fold), but the green was such a close match and I already owned it so I went with it. I really like how the shirt looks on the inside with the bias tape and it makes hemming the curvy bottom so easy.

photo (18)I took my time and made a nice collar, but I think my biggest coo with this shirt is the buttons. I was over at my grandmother’s house looking for a zipper (she has so many!!) and randomly found 1 of these turquoise buttons in the zipper bag. I got really lucky and she had more in a plastic baggie full of buttons in the blue color family! I started working on this version at the beginning of March but didn’t finish it until mid-April (eck)! Finding those turquoise buttons was the kick in the pants I needed to get home and finish this shirt.

photo (21)

This last picture was an outtake from when I was putting my cardigan on, but I thought my hair looked nice so I’m including it! 🙂

PS- I would hate for you all to think I created an off center shirt so I wanted to point out that the angle my sister stood at while taking these makes the button band appear off center. You can see in the selfie picture that the band actually lines up perfectly with my center chin.


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