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Purple Terry Knit Renfrew and Leggings

This fabric, is just so wonderful. The first time I wore this Renfrew I walked around telling the people I work with to touch the inside!

While I was taking the Alder shirtdress class at Grey’s I saw this fabric being purchased by someone on the first night of class. I’ve been trying not to buy fabric so I told myself that if I still wanted it I could buy it during the next class, which I did! By class 3 I was wearing my new shirt ­čÖé

I haven’t lost any weight since I made my last Renfrew but this version fits very loosely in comparison. It must be the way the fabric stretches. My last two Renfrews I put together entirely on my regular sewing machine with the zigzag stitch but I made this one entirely with my serger. I finally got new cones of thread and have been serging as much as possible. It really is quite the time saving┬ádevice. I top stitched along the neckline on my Priory Square version but decided against it for this version. I think that the heavier the fabric the better it just stays in place with the need for top stitching.

My one tiny issue with this top is that the seam of my neck band doesn’t line up with my shoulder seam. I was having trouble pulling and stitching and it’s slightly off. Not off enough for me to unpick the serger threads but enough that I did want to point it out. I’ll try harder next time!

photo (27)

I had a bit of fabric left over so I made Julia a pair of the Oliver & S playtime leggings. I’ve made them for her before┬áso they fit her really well. She’s only 3 but she is very tall so I made the size 5 leggings with the size 6 length. The first pair I made for her had a few mistakes that I fixed with this pair but they are a really nice staple piece for a very active little girl. Plus, now we can be purple twins!

How fabulous is she?!



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