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Me-Made-May’15 Recap

I decided against taking pictures everyday of Me-Made-May, I’ve blogged about most of the items I wore so I figured I’d just do a recap post with links to each of them. I took pictures maybe half of the days and a few of my favorites are in this post! I did end up photographing a lot of unblogged projects so stay tuned for some new stuff coming up!

I hate bathroom pics, but I love this shirt!

I hate bathroom pics, but I love this shirt!

Here is my Me-Made-May 2015 recap:

May 1, 2015: Alder shirtdress in cotton shirting with bicycles
May 2, 2015: Priory Square Renfrew during the day and Epic Anna Maxi Dress for Les Mis
May 3, 2015: Striped color block top Coco 
May 4, 2015: Ginger Jeans and Sew Caroline “I’m Sew Happy t-shirt”
May 5, 2015: Cotton + Steel Mortmain/Sureau combo
May 6, 2015: Black Mabel Skirt with lace shell from Banana Republic (note to self, recreate this!)
May 7, 2015: Sleeveless Amy Butler Granville
May 8, 2015: Polka dot Moneta
May 9, 2015: Suplex leggings and Lela Tunic
May 10, 2015: Blue collared Moneta
May 11, 2015: Meringue Skirt
May 12, 2015: Purple Renfrew
May 13, 2015: Nautical Sureau
May 14, 2015: Caged bird Elisalex
May 15, 2015: Green circle skirt and plantain
May 16, 2015: Lela Tunic with jean shorts
May 17, 2015: Plantain with jean shorts. I planned to make a workout top for this day but never found a good fabric or pattern! Recommendations would be lovely 🙂
May 18, 2015: Alder shirtdress in cotton shirting with bicycles
May 19, 2015: Ginger Jeans and one of my favorite RTW tops from Lucky.
May 20, 2015: Supplex leggings and Patchwork Threads “I Sew So I Don’t Kill People” shirt.
May 21, 2015: Green Mabel skirt and Echinacea Pendrell blouse. Both blogs coming soon!
May 22, 2015: Enormous blue tulips Flora-lex
May 23, 2015: Polka dot Moneta
May 24, 2015: Nike workout pants and my purple plantain that I made back in December. I shortened the sleeves the morning I wore this which made it much more wearable.
May 25, 2015: Kind of a cheat day, I just wore an unblogged me-made plantain tee to bed so I could wear my red, white and blue Marc Jacobs dress in honor or Memorial Day.
May 26, 2015: Brand new Laurel dress! Seriously, I finished the hem before I put it on to wear to work at 7am.
May 27, 2015: Ginger jeans and heavily hacked Pendrell blouse
May 28, 2015: Black Mabel skirt and Stately Type Maker Tee 
May 29, 2015: Hawthorn dress
May 30, 2015: Seahorse skirt with an elastic waist worn with a white shirt from J.Crew
May 31, 2015: Plantain tee with yoga pants. I did lots of crafts and sewing for my sister’s bridal shower today!

photo (31)

Throughout the month I realized that unless I was wearing a dress it was difficult for me to wear a completely Me-Made outfit, which is  something I want to strive towards. I need to make more separates to accomplish this and the biggest hole in my Me-Made separates wardrobe are cardigans! I’m going to start looking for sweater fabric and make my own cardigans because as you can see from my Instagram feed, I wear them almost daily.

Another thing I noticed is that on the weekends I gravitate towards my workout gear, none of which is Me-Made. I have no desire to wear my beautiful hand-made clothing when I’m working in the garden but maybe I could make a few pairs of yoga-ish pants for lounging. I don’t think I can ever get on the “make clothes to garden in” band wagon (if there is such a thing) because I get seriously nasty.

photo (15)

Here are the items I plan on making in the next few months to fill some holes:

Cone Mill Denim Ginger Jeans and purple Ginger Jeans (once I can find the perfect fabric). I definitely need more me made jeans and I’m obsessed with the idea of making a purple pair! I’ve ordered swatches from Mood and Fabric.com already trying to find a purple denim with enough stretch, but have been unsuccessful in my search so far. I thought about ordering the gold denim Lauren used for her most recent pair and dying it but it’s sold out!

Linen Jutland pants in Bermuda length. Yes I know this is a man pattern, I like the relaxed style! Plus, then I already have the pattern ready to go to make pants for my boyfriend or dad. Double plus, someone else has done it too so I’m not crazy! I think this pattern will actually suite me very well because from the waist down I am very boyish.

If you follow me on Instagram I was 100% serious about recreating Peggy Olson’s outfit from her first day at McCann. Arielle is going to help me make it happen! I read an interview with Janie Bryant and the top Peggy was wearing as part of that outfit was originally a vintage dress that was way too big for Elizabeth Moss so the costume department turned it into the top and added yellow buttons to the skirt to match. I’m a sucker for a cool story about a fabulous outfit. I can’t seem to find the article now but if I do I’ll link to it.

photo (19)

Jenna Cardigans. I have cardigans in just about every color of the rainbow but I want to start making my own and replacing some of my dingier ones. My favorite black one is so worn that it is quite dull. I am going to wait until I find some good fabric though, I don’t want crap sweater fabric. I found merino wool fabric by the yard online but its $39 per yard which is too big of an investment for something I can’t touch first.

More Granvilles! No matter what bottoms I wear I feel so put together when I wear these shirts so I want to make a few more. I’m going to make a short sleeved version and a sleeveless version in mustard yellow before I tackle anymore sleeve plackets and maybe another sleeveless version (I still have almost 4 yards of the Chambray I used for the long sleeved version so maybe a sleeveless version from it is in order).

photo (24)

Another item I am in desperate need of is solid colored short sleeve t-shirts. We seem to have gone from winter to summer in New England and I realized all of the knit shirts I have made have long sleeves. I’m thinking about using Coco for this (Tilly has a tutorial for making Coco short sleeved) and drafting a neck band that gets finished with twill tape, my friend bought some for me that looks like measuring tape! 🙂 However, another realization I had during the month was that even though I have 8 Coco’s, they didn’t get worn much because the weather was so hot. Most of the ones I have made are long sleeved and made with ponte. Lighter weight fabrics don’t hold the A-line shape as well but I ordered some Roberta Kaufman laguna jersey that is slightly heavier than the thinnest fabric I’ve used for Coco, I have a good feeling about it. I also got some lightweight liberty jersey that I can’t wait to make into what will be the most expensive top I’ve made!

Even though I have plenty of dresses I also want to make another Alder shirtdress. I’ve altered the top to fit since my first one and when I make it again I am either going to remove some of the fullness of the gathers or make it so they go all the way to the button band. Actually, as I type this I’m thinking that maybe I will use the Hawthorn skirt pieces instead. Hmmm

I’ve also prepped some makes that I’m sure will become staples: the Buchanan dressing gown, navy ultimate trousers, a few more Pendrell blouses and a Laurel top.

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