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The Multi-Tasking Polka Dot Moneta

I know what you’re thinking, Carolanne how can you  have anything left to say about Moneta? You’ve blogged about it four times already (here, here, here and here)!!

Well, in addition to a lovely dress, I have some fun facts to share with you today. A study revealed that those who gravitate towards polka-dots are dynamic multi-taskers and considering the versatility of Moneta, polka dots are an obvious pattern choice for the pattern! If you’re interested in the history of polka dots in fashion and pop-culture (including the DC superhero, Polka-Dot man!!) you can learn more here.

Onto the dress. All of the Moneta’s I have made for myself were the size large and there was always a little something off. I wanted the skirt longer or I thought the bodice needed to be lengthened: well I should have just gone up a size because I went with the extra large for this one and it’s perfect. Seriously, my only small complaint is that I should have under-stitched the pockets because they poke out a little bit from the rest of the skirt.

photo (31)

I didn’t have enough fabric to line the bodice so I decided to use the collar pieces and then turn and stitch the armholes. As you can see there is no collar because once I put it on I wasn’t happy with how it was laying. Off it came and my first experience unpicking a large serged seam took forever and is not something I want to experience again. This is the first time I’ve made the sleeveless version without a lining and I have to say I’m really happy with the turn and stitch armholes. I thought it might make my bra show but it doesn’t. I’m thinking that maybe because you use the same armscye for the sleeveless as the version with sleeves that turning under didn’t affect the integrity of the bodice. Either way, it was a nice surprise

I really like the fabric I used for this dress and ordered more of it in solid colors to make some t-shirts with. It’s from the Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey line and I got it from Hawthorn Threads. They are out of these polka dots but they have solids and a few other prints. This is actually my favorite fabric I’ve used for Moneta and at this point I’ve used 5 different types of knit fabric so take my word for it’s awesome-ness!


  1. Perfect!! You are reminding me I need to get back to that pattern. I love the way this looks in polka dots!

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