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Purple Handcrafted Anna Maxi Skirt

If you’ve been reading my blog with any sort of regularity you already know how much I love the Elisalex bodice; it’s become a true TNT for me over the last 2 years. And now, the Anna pattern is quickly becoming one as well!

Today I have just the skirt for you! I really love the handcrafted fabric line from Alison glass (I mean who doesn’t?!) and I picked up some of the bouquet in ruby color way at Gather Here with my birthday giftcards. I think that the lovely prints of this line deserve to be shown off and the Anna skirt is the perfect canvas. I used the gray flying geese to make my Christmas dress last year and I needed something equally special to wear for my sister’s bridal shower. A gathered skirt would hide pieces of it and a circle skirt would have been pretty good but the 44 inch width makes that difficult. Anna was the perfect option!!

photo (38)

Construction wise I just used the pieces I usually do for the skirt of the dress and drafted a waistband in the most simple way, a rectangle. I had a teeny piece of fabric left so I cut it into a 42 inch long rectangle and then cut that in half lengthwise so I had a waistband and a facing. I didn’t want the skirt to sit at my actual waist but more at my bellybutton. The whole skirt came together very nicely and only took 1 episode of Outlander (I caught up while I was sewing one lazy Sunday afternoon). The zipper however, is a different story.

My zipper goes up and down fine and is fairly well hidden, but it just didn’t go in that well. I think I had the tension set too high because it’s a little bit wavy. I’m chalking it up to the fact that I’m still familiarizing myself with my Bernina. It doesn’t look bad it’s just not quite right. See for yourself.

Anna Skirt Zipper

This waistband is my most successful stitch in the ditch attempt! I always go from the inside out to make sure I catch the fabric, but then the right side isn’t always right in the ditch. I could secure it by hand, but I  just pressed well and took my time. Most of my stitches are right in the ditch!

Here are a few other pictures from the shower. The wedding photographer came and got some great pictures at the shower so all of the pictures where I am wearing the coral top were taken by Charlotte Ford.

10368971_919628124743331_718681959644436209_o 11406702_919625078076969_4343247629481025444_o

After sewing, my second favorite craft is creating bow bouquets!

After sewing my second favorite craft is creating bow bouquets!


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