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A Hand Sewing Revelation: The Khaki Delphine Skirt

Is there anything about sewing that you loath or maybe just mildly dislike? For me its hand stitching.

Perhaps it goes back to when my grandmother said I was too young to use the machine and sat me down to make a doll by hand. It took me forever, probably 3 or 4 hours, which in kid time can seem like a lifetime. I blame the traumatizing doll making event of 1999-ish for my distain for hand sewing, but thanks to the encouragement of Ashley, I may be slowly coming around.

I brought a khaki Delphine skirt to Crafty Foxes Sewing Club a few weeks ago (my first time attending!) with the hope of getting it done! You see, during a binge cut out session back in March I got this pattern ready to sew. I altered the pieces slightly to make it a side zip, cut all the notches and was ready to get this baby added to my wardrobe before Me-Made-May.
photo (42)
I mean, best of intentions right? I thought I would be able to get it done during the 3 hour meeting and I might have if my stitch in a ditch hadn’t come out so terrible. I think it has something to do with this fabric. It’s kind of fleecy on one side and kind of twill like on the other side (officially its called brushed suiting khaki in case you were curious) with a little bit of stretch. My thread matched almost perfectly and I had the stitch length on 2, but it was just so visible that I wasn’t happy. On the inside side seams the stitches are practically invisible so I’m thinking something to do with the multiple layers and the slight stretch is what makes it show. If you have any other thoughts I’d love to get your theory.
I spent maybe 45 minutes just trying to pick it out before I called it quits for the night. Ashley told me how she attaches waistband facings by hand and that it looks quite nice when she’s done. I thought about it while I drove home and decided I would carve out some time to finish unpicking the horrendous stitches and do the waistband facing AND hem by hand.
photo (43)
I’m really happy with my finished skirt. My first Delphine fit me well and with a little bit of alteration I perfected it. I love a side zipper on a skirt so that was something I really wanted to change and it didn’t take away from the A-line shape at all in my opinion. The length is just where I like it and the khaki color matches so many of my tops (both me-made and ready to wear) that I’m sure it is going to become a very often worn item! My only slight annoyance is that in these photos you can see the buttons of my shirt under the skirt, but that has nothing to do with the pattern or the construction. Perhaps I just need to wear tops without buttons with this skirt!

The hand sewing aspects of this skirt were very time consuming, but I am hoping with a little practice I will get faster at hand sewing because the results really are great. Here is a very awkwardly taken photo that shows the waistband. You can really only see the stitches if you are looking up at me from very low and/or really looking for them.

photo (44)

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